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for the good of the nation

The rhyme on the picture, basically, reads: Portugal you are the reason / of our immense joy / In the support of the national soccer team / no one beats Mouraria

Sports - soccer, in particular, here in Portugal - has that unique effect on people of birthing, or rekindling, a great sense of pride and unity under a common banner (people revel in vicariously living through their team's successes). In the case of international competitions, that banner is obviously the nation's own flag.

I share no love for such things, though I find this effect rather interesting due to how fierce, yet extremely ephemeral, it all is. The fine people of Mouraria, a classic Lisbon neighbourhood, went to great lengths to show their support to the Portuguese soccer team (quite possibly a remnant related to the 2004's UEFA European Football Championship, organized in Portugal) with this mural. However, it is quite apparent how easy it is all forgotten once it's over, when you leave an important symbol like your own nation's flag for rags. It is the nature of such a burning passion, I guess.

FED 4 Type b Rangefinder // 53mm f2.8 Industar 61 // Fujifilm Superia 400 // f5.6 1/125s

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