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keeping it safe

«More than taking photos with it, it's the camera itself that gets the people talking.»

The Zenza Bronica S2A (sporting a 75mm f/2.8 Nikkor P) is a japanese medium-format SLR, with a focal-plane shutter, released in 1969. Its concept is similar to the swedish Hasselblad 1000F (a camera from the 1950's). It's a large, and heavy, camera. Along with its sturdy build quality, and grey color scheme, it lends itself well to the (frankly, ridiculous) moniker of «little tank» I've grown fond to use for it. But despite these rugged looks, it's a delicate and precise machine, and it has gained my unconditional infatuation regardless of not being as renowned as the Hasselblad SLRs on which it is based upon, or the (entirely different) Rolleiflex TLRs that so many people recognise. Wherever it goes it draws attention like a forest fire, as people - more and more distanced from film photography - are unable to contain their curiosity for such an unusually shaped machine.

Canon A-1 // Canon FDn 50mm 1.8 // Fujifilm Superia 400

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